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Pre purchase condition surveys of Vessels | Shradha Marines

We are indulged into Pre- purchase condition surveys of vessels of a ship. Under this serve, we do quality inspection of vessel's all physical structure, operating condition, system's installation and other performance related issues. All will be checked in advance report that includes details of an equipment list, and other technical defects related to them. The pre purchase survey of the vessels allows one to acknowledge the deficiencies and recommendations of vessels in advance. However, it gives benefit to buyers to check vessels of the ship carefully in terms of all technical and physical advantages & disadvantages before buying them.

Also, we enable our patrons to get Pre construction survey service that includes prior details of shipping vessel and parts before getting into the construction process. It will give the right information about the construction of the vessel, deck, hull of a ship for acknowledgment of the customer. However, the clients can recognize the strength and physical status of the vessels and can compare it easily to choose a right one for them.

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